What to do around Prescott AZ?

Prescott, Arizona, is a remarkable gem, offering a unique blend of natural beauty, historical landmarks, recreational activities, vibrant events, and a thriving gastronomy scene.

The question that often arises for visitors and locals alike is: “What to do around Prescott, AZ?” Whether you’re a nature lover, history enthusiast, adventure seeker, or foodie, this guide will reveal 27 unforgettable experiences around Prescott, guaranteed to cater to a wide range of interests and tastes.

Prescott’s natural attractions are a magnet for outdoor enthusiasts. The town is surrounded by undulating hills, dense forests, and shimmering lakes, providing countless opportunities for exploration.

The crown jewel among these is the mesmerizing Watson Lake. Known for its granite boulders and serene waters, this lake is a perfect spot for kayaking, fishing, or simply unwinding by the shore. Watson Lake also features an array of trails, ideal for hikers and bird watchers, with a chance to encounter wildlife and unique plant species.

Moving on to the expansive Prescott National Forest, it stretches over a million acres, offering numerous trails to navigate, ranging from gentle strolls to challenging climbs. Among these, the Groom Creek Loop Trail stands out for its enchanting pine forest and breathtaking mountain views.

Thumb Butte, a prominent natural landmark, is a must-visit for its scenic trails and a panoramic view of Prescott and beyond from its summit. Visitors can walk, hike, or picnic while enjoying the abundance of wildlife.

The Highlands Center for Natural History is a hub for nature lovers. Offering a variety of programs aimed at fostering an appreciation for Arizona’s unique ecology, it’s a great place to learn about local flora and fauna.

For a truly immersive experience, the Prescott Peavine National Recreation Trail is a must-visit. Its well-paved path meanders through stunning landscapes, showcasing a diverse array of desert plants and blooming wildflowers.

Historical and Cultural Sites

Delving into Prescott’s rich historical and cultural offerings, the Sharlot Hall Museum is a time machine to the past. Housing a comprehensive collection of artifacts, it offers a unique insight into Arizona’s history. The museum’s beautiful grounds, period buildings, and engaging exhibits make it a captivating visit.

The Whiskey Row is another key historical site. Once lined with dozens of saloons during the gold rush era, this street now hosts various boutiques, galleries, and eateries, each with its own unique charm. A walk here is like stepping back into the old West, with a modern twist.

Art aficionados will love the Prescott Center for the Arts. Hosting plays, musicals, art exhibitions, and educational workshops, it’s a cultural oasis. And no trip to Prescott would be complete without exploring the Smoki Museum, dedicated to preserving and showcasing the culture and artistry of Native American tribes of the Southwest.

Recreational Activities

Prescott offers a plethora of recreational activities to keep visitors entertained. Prescott Outdoors, the premier rental, retail, and tour company, provides kayaking and canoeing experiences that allow you to connect with the area’s natural beauty in a thrilling way.

For equestrian enthusiasts, the Granite Mountain Stables offer horseback riding excursions that navigate through scenic landscapes, providing a novel way to explore the town. Meanwhile, golf lovers can tee off at the Prescott Golf Club, known

for its beautifully manicured fairways and challenging course design.

If you’re traveling with family, the Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary is a delightful visit. Home to a variety of rescued animals, the sanctuary also offers educational programs, making it both a fun and enlightening experience.

Events and Festivals

Prescott is a city that loves to celebrate, and its vibrant events and festivals are a testament to that. Prescott Frontier Days and Rodeo is a standout, recognized as the world’s oldest rodeo. This week-long event combines cowboy tradition with family-friendly entertainment, offering a thrilling peek into the western heritage of the area.

The Prescott Indian Art Market showcases the work of Native American artists from around the Southwest, offering a unique chance to acquire authentic pieces. Meanwhile, the annual Prescott Highland Games provide a fun-filled weekend of Celtic celebrations, complete with traditional games, music, and dancing.

When winter comes, the Prescott Christmas Parade and Courthouse Lighting are absolute must-see events. Filled with festive floats, heartwarming lights, and a great sense of community, it truly embodies the spirit of the holiday season.

Gastronomic Adventures in Prescott

For the foodies, Prescott offers a culinary landscape as diverse as its natural surroundings. From comfort food to fine dining, the city’s restaurants offer a range of options that cater to all palates.

At the heart of this culinary journey is the experience of local Arizona cuisine. Establishments like the Barley Hound and Farm Provisions serve dishes that utilize locally sourced ingredients, ensuring freshness and supporting local producers.

The Superstition Meadery offers a different flavor of experience, where visitors can sample honey wine (mead) and hard cider, exploring a tradition that dates back thousands of years.


Rounding out the gastronomic tour, the Prescott Farmers Market is a celebration of local agriculture. Here, visitors can purchase a variety of fresh, locally grown produce, artisanal bread, cheeses, and more. It’s an ideal place for anyone wanting to explore Prescott’s local food culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we will be delving into some of the most common inquiries and curiosities that surround our topic.


Prescott, AZ has a relatively mild climate all year round, making it a fantastic destination in any season. However, many visitors find spring (April to June) and fall (September to November) especially pleasant. These times of the year offer moderate temperatures, perfect for outdoor activities like hiking and biking. Summer can be hotter but also brings exciting events like the Prescott Frontier Days Rodeo.


Absolutely! Prescott is full of family-friendly attractions. The Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary, for instance, offers a chance to interact with a variety of animals. The downtown area is filled with quaint shops and eateries, ideal for a family stroll. You can also take a leisurely family picnic by Watson Lake or enjoy outdoor activities like canoeing and horseback riding.


Prescott offers an abundance of hiking trails suitable for all experience levels. Some of the most popular ones include the Peavine Trail, offering fantastic views of Watson Lake, and the Thumb Butte Trail, known for its panoramic views at the summit. The Prescott Circle Trail is another favorite, providing a challenging but rewarding 54-mile loop around the city.


Prescott is known as “Arizona’s Christmas City” and for a good reason. The holiday season is marked by numerous events, including the beloved Prescott Christmas Parade and the Courthouse Lighting. These festive events bring the community together with vibrant floats, music, and thousands of twinkling lights, creating a warm, festive atmosphere.


Local art and crafts can be found in various places throughout Prescott. The downtown area, especially along Whiskey Row, is filled with shops and galleries showcasing local artists. Events like the Prescott Indian Art Market offer a chance to buy authentic Native American art directly from the artists. The Prescott Center for the Arts also hosts regular exhibitions featuring local and regional artists.

Conclusion: What to do around Prescott AZ?

In conclusion, Prescott, AZ offers an exciting blend of natural beauty, historical charm, recreational activities, lively events, and gastronomic delights. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a history buff, a culture vulture, or a foodie, there is always something to do around Prescott, AZ.

This guide is your passport to experiencing the best that this charming town has to offer, guaranteeing unforgettable experiences and memories.

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