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Prescott National Forest, sprawling over more than a million acres, is a treasure trove for nature enthusiasts. Especially if you’re a parent, introducing your child to the wonders of nature can be a rewarding experience.


Many wonder about the best trails in Prescott National Forest suitable for young children. This article offers a deep dive into just that, ensuring young explorers can enjoy the beauty of Prescott without too much strain on their little legs.

Why Prescott National Forest for Children?

Prescott’s varied environments, from riparian areas to high deserts and mountainous terrains, make it a microcosm of learning. Children can explore various habitats, all while being in a safe, monitored space. Whether it’s the fluttering butterflies or the towering ponderosa pines, the forest’s diversity is bound to captivate young minds.

Prescott National Forest is keen on ensuring its youngest visitors have a pleasant experience. With well-maintained restrooms, clear trail markers, and strategically placed benches, parents can be at ease while their children venture and play.

An outing can be both fun and educational. The interpretive signs along many of Prescott’s trails provide bite-sized information. Children can learn about the local flora, fauna, and even historical events that shaped the forest.

Essential Tips Before You Go:

Being prepared can make all the difference. Always check the local weather before heading out. While Prescott’s climate is generally favorable, sudden changes can catch one off-guard. Equally vital is understanding the wildlife – while encounters are rare, knowing what to do if you spot a coyote or a snake can be reassuring.

  • Snacks: Kids burn energy fast. Keep them fueled with healthy snacks.
  • Water: Hydration is essential, especially in warmer months.
  • First-Aid: Basic supplies can address minor scrapes or bruises.
  • Comfort Items: A favorite toy or blanket can be reassuring for the youngest explorers.

Understanding Trail Difficulty Levels:

Easy trails aren’t just about shorter distances. The elevation change and path surface play a significant role. For young kids, flatter trails with well-maintained paths, such as those found in the AllTrails guide, are best.

While an adult might easily traverse a steep path, for little legs, even a slight elevation can be tiring. Moreover, uneven surfaces can be tricky for kids. Opt for trails with a consistent, smoother surface to prevent tripping hazards.

Easy Trails Perfect for Young Walkers:

A favorite among families, the Lynx Lake Loop offers a gentle path skirting the beautiful Lynx Lake. With its relatively flat terrain and shimmering water views, it promises an engaging walk for children. Additionally, the lake often becomes a hub for duck watching, a delightful experience for youngsters.

While Thumb Butte is a prominent landmark in Prescott, not all its trails are challenging. The lower loop provides a more comfortable trek, suitable for kids. The trail is dotted with fascinating rock formations and offers ample shade, ensuring a pleasant experience even during sunny days.

Nature Discovery Trails:

Set within the Prescott National Forest, the Highlands Center is a gem for young learners. Besides the captivating trails, they often organize workshops tailored for kids. Exploring here isn’t just about walking; it’s about understanding nature’s intricacies.

Beyond mere hikes, the center offers hands-on activities, allowing kids to delve deep into subjects like botany, geology, and zoology. From identifying plant species to understanding the life of ants, the Highlands Center ensures an enriching experience.

Water Trails and Views:

Nestled within granite boulders, this lake is a picturesque spot. The trail around the lake is fairly easy, making it perfect for families. What’s more, there are designated picnic spots. So, pack a lunch and savor the views.

This loop around Watson Lake is more than just a trail. The unique granite formations reflected in the azure waters captivate all age groups. And for children, the gentle ripples of water and the occasional sighting of waterfowl promise endless entertainment.

Seasonal Trails:

Nature’s beauty in Prescott is ever-changing, with each season offering unique sights.

Autumn in Prescott is a spectacle, with leaves turning golden, amber, and red. Trails like the Senator Highway and parts of the Goldwater Lake area are especially mesmerizing during this period, ensuring a fairy-tale walk for young ones.

Come spring, Prescott’s trails are adorned with wildflowers. The riot of colors is particularly appealing to kids. Trails like Willow Lake Loop become a canvas of blooming beauties, making springtime hikes unforgettable.

Animal Spotting Adventures:

Children are often fascinated by animals. In Prescott, they might spot deer, wild turkeys, or even the elusive bobcat.

While these encounters are enchanting, it’s essential to maintain a safe distance and educate kids about respecting wildlife. Arizona Game & Fish Department provides excellent resources on local fauna.

Fun Beyond Hiking:

Prescott National Forest isn’t just a haven for hikers; it’s a vast playground brimming with diverse activities. Families can indulge in picnics amidst nature’s splendor, star-gaze at pristine night skies, or even engage in bird-watching sessions.

Kids can dip their toes in serene lakes, embark on treasure hunts with geocaching, or participate in Junior Ranger programs to learn about forest conservation.

Beyond the marked paths, Prescott offers a myriad of experiences that promise to make every visit memorable, ensuring there’s always joy and discovery beyond the trails.

Campgrounds with Kid Activities:

Overnight camping can be a thrilling experience. Campgrounds like White Spar and Yavapai ensure kids stay entertained with specific programs designed for them.

Prescott National Forest’s Junior Ranger program is designed for children aged 7-12. It’s an engaging way to educate them about forest conservation.

Preparing Kids for the Trail:

Introducing children to the wonders of hiking starts before you even hit the trailhead. Engage their curiosity with interactive nature apps, illustrated books about local plants and animals, or even simple backyard explorations.

Discuss trail etiquette, the importance of leaving no trace, and the joy of discovery. Equip them with their own mini backpack, a map, or a magnifying glass to make them feel like genuine explorers. By sparking excitement and awareness beforehand, kids will approach the trail with enthusiasm and a sense of responsibility.

Fun and Educational Apps:

In today’s digital age, apps can be a bridge between technology and nature. Platforms like Seek by iNaturalist allow kids to identify plants and animals they encounter. It turns the hike into a fun, interactive learning session, keeping the youngsters intrigued.

Reading up before the hike can be beneficial. Books like “Arizona’s Little-Known Fauna” or “Flowers of Prescott National Forest” can familiarize children with what they might encounter. It transforms the trail into a treasure hunt, as kids eagerly spot and identify the species they’ve read about.


In this section, we will be delving into some of the most common inquiries and curiosities that surround our topic.

How do I ensure my child’s safety during our hikes?

Sticking to marked trails, carrying a first-aid kit, and ensuring children stay close are the primary steps. Informing someone of your planned route and expected return time can be a safety net.

Are there any areas off-limits for children?

While Prescott is family-friendly, some trails might be challenging for kids due to steep inclines or rugged terrain. It’s always advisable to check trail descriptions in advance.

What should I do if we encounter wildlife?

Always maintain a safe distance. Do not feed or attempt to touch wild animals. If the animal seems aggressive or distressed, slowly back away without making sudden movements.

Are guided tours available for families?

Yes, many guided tours are tailored for families. Organizations like Prescott Outdoors offer guided tours that are both educational and entertaining.

What is the best season to visit with young children?

Spring and fall are particularly appealing due to milder temperatures and seasonal beauty. However, every season in Prescott offers its unique charm.


Prescott National Forest is more than just a forest; it’s an expansive classroom, a playground, and an adventure waiting to unfold, especially for young children. With its diverse ecosystems, interactive learning opportunities, and commitment to accessibility, it stands out as a must-visit family destination.

As parents and guardians, introducing children to such natural wonders not only enriches their lives but also instills a love and respect for nature that lasts a lifetime. So, strap on those hiking shoes, pack that picnic, and embark on an unforgettable journey through the trails of Prescott National Forest with your little ones.

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