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Prescott, Arizona – a city teeming with Wild West charm, where history whispers through its famous Whiskey Row and historic hotels. Among the many attractions, Prescott is most notably renowned for its haunted hotels.


The ghostly tales from these establishments have left visitors both thrilled and chilled, contributing to a unique facet of Prescott’s rich history and culture. This guide will dive deep into the spectral allure of haunted hotels in Prescott, AZ, immersing you in their fascinating tales, historic roots, and spine-tingling guest encounters.

Historical Context

Understanding the historical context of a location greatly enriches any visit, especially when it comes to haunted places like Prescott’s hotels. These establishments stand as a living testament to the city’s past, each room and corridor whispering tales of yesteryears.

The early 20th-century charm of the Hassayampa Inn, the multifaceted history of the St. Michael Hotel, and the poignant love story attached to the Hotel Vendome—all add depth to their spectral lore. Recognizing these narratives in their historical context allows visitors to appreciate not just the ghostly tales, but also the rich tapestry of Prescott’s cultural and architectural heritage.

The Wild West roots of Prescott and their influence on the hauntings

Prescott’s history dates back to the Gold Rush era, a time of saloons, bordellos, and lawless excitement. As the former territorial capital of Arizona, the city was a bustling hub for miners, cowboys, and pioneers seeking their fortune.

However, with the prosperity also came hardships, leading to a multitude of tragic stories and eerie occurrences that many believe have left an indelible, spectral imprint on the city.

These tragic tales and the city’s colorful past seem to have created a unique environment ripe for hauntings. As we journey through Prescott’s haunted hotels, we explore how the Wild West roots have influenced the stories and sightings that continue to bewitch visitors and locals alike.

Brief history of hotels in Prescott

With the influx of people during the Gold Rush, lodging establishments sprouted throughout Prescott. Some of these hotels, like the Hotel Vendome, Hassayampa Inn, and St. Michael Hotel, have stood the test of time, their hallways echoing stories of the past. Each of these establishments has seen an array of guests over the decades, and some, it seems, have never checked out.

Prescott’s hotels played an essential role in the city’s growth, serving as places for travelers to rest and socialize. These spaces, encapsulating both everyday life and historical events, are believed to have captured the essence of those who passed through, creating a tapestry of tales that contribute to Prescott’s haunted lore.

Hotel Vendome

The Hassayampa Inn is a historical treasure in Prescott, Arizona, renowned for its exquisite Spanish Colonial Revival architecture and ghostly legends. Built-in 1927, the Inn is known for its beautifully preserved hand-painted ceilings, original elevator doors, and etched stained-glass panels.

This charming hotel harbors a spectral tale of a heartbroken bride named Faith, whose spirit is said to wander the premises, making the Hassayampa Inn a destination for those seeking a luxurious stay steeped in history and paranormal intrigue.

The tale of Abby and her cat, Noble

Among the many haunted establishments in Prescott, Hotel Vendome holds a special place in the city’s paranormal folklore. It is here that the tale of Abby Byr and her cat, Noble, continues to stir the curiosity of both skeptics and believers.

Abby, a former owner of the hotel, is said to have succumbed to a devastating illness after being left by her husband. Tragically, she and Noble passed away in room 16, their spirits are believed to have lingered. Visitors report feeling a cat brushing against their legs, while others claim to have seen Abby’s ghostly figure or experienced sudden drops in temperature – traditional signs of a ghostly presence.

Guest experiences and notable encounters

Over the years, many guests have reported encounters that suggest Abby and Noble are still residing at the Hotel Vendome. People have experienced unexplained phenomena, such as the sound of a cat purring, doors mysteriously opening and closing, and personal items disappearing, only to reappear in unexpected places.

One compelling encounter was reported by a guest staying in room 16, who woke up in the middle of the night feeling as though someone was watching her. Upon turning on the light, she discovered a cat-shaped indentation on the bed next to her, even though no pets were allowed in the hotel.

With a multitude of such accounts, Hotel Vendome continues to be a source of intrigue and a hotspot for those seeking an experience beyond the ordinary.

Historical significance of Hotel Vendome

Established in 1917, the Hotel Vendome is more than just a bed for the night; it’s a living, breathing part of Prescott’s history. As a two-story Mission Revival-style building, it has seen countless faces from the past century and served as a central hub for social events, making it a notable icon in the city’s timeline.

The hotel’s architectural charm and its story of Abby and Noble not only draw paranormal enthusiasts but also history buffs, seeking to connect with Prescott’s past. From its wooden floors to its antique decor, every corner of the Hotel Vendome whispers stories from a bygone era, making a stay here akin to stepping back in time.

The Hassayampa Inn

The Hassayampa Inn is a historical treasure in Prescott, Arizona, renowned for its exquisite Spanish Colonial Revival architecture and ghostly legends. Built-in 1927, the Inn is known for its beautifully preserved hand-painted ceilings, original elevator doors, and etched stained-glass panels.

This charming hotel harbors a spectral tale of a heartbroken bride named Faith, whose spirit is said to wander the premises, making the Hassayampa Inn a destination for those seeking a luxurious stay steeped in history and paranormal intrigue.

The tragic love story of Faith Summers

Our spectral journey through Prescott’s haunted hotels takes us next to the Hassayampa Inn, a stunning boutique hotel that opened in 1927. The Inn is especially known for the haunting story of Faith Summers, a young bride whose life took a tragic turn within its ornate walls.

Faith was a newlywed who waited in room 426 for her husband who had gone out for cigarettes but never returned. After three days, heartbroken and alone, Faith allegedly ended her life. Today, it is said her spirit remains, forever waiting for her husband’s return. Guests have reported smelling Faith’s perfume, a sweet, pink roses scent, and hearing the soft sound of sobbing when no one else is around.

Anecdotes of paranormal activity

The Hassayampa Inn has been the setting for numerous reports of paranormal activity over the years. Visitors have recounted hearing unexplained sounds, including soft footsteps, whispers, and distant music, particularly from the ballroom area when it’s vacant.

In-room 426, where Faith’s tragedy unfolded, guests have experienced strange occurrences such as sudden chills, flickering lights, and the feeling of being watched. Some have even claimed to see a ghostly figure in a pink gown roaming the hallways. Such occurrences have cemented the Hassayampa Inn’s reputation as one of Prescott’s most haunted hotels.

The continuation of these sections would delve into the remaining hotels and the other aspects of haunted Prescott as outlined. Please let me know if you want me to keep going!

The Hassayampa Inn’s architectural heritage

A piece of living history, the Hassayampa Inn reflects the rich architectural heritage of the time it was built. Its Spanish Colonial Revival style, designed by Southwest architect Henry Trost, boasts exquisite hand-painted ceilings, original elevator doors, and etched stained-glass panels. This significant design speaks of a time when craftsmanship was held in high regard.

This striking architecture, combined with the inn’s intriguing spectral stories, creates an atmosphere where guests can experience the allure of the past intertwined with the charm of the present. A stay at the Hassayampa Inn offers more than just luxurious comfort—it provides a glimpse into a rich and intriguing historical tapestry.

The St. Michael Hotel

The St. Michael Hotel is a historic gem nestled in the heart of downtown Prescott, Arizona. Once serving as a bank and an opera house before becoming a hotel, this establishment has been a key witness to the city’s vibrant past. Its Victorian-era architecture and period decor lend a unique charm, making it an engaging destination for history enthusiasts and ghost hunters alike.

Rumored to be a hub of spectral activity, with stories of ghostly figures and phantom piano music, the St. Michael Hotel offers guests a memorable stay imbued with history, mystery, and perhaps, a brush with the paranormal.

Spirits of the old bank and opera house

Another fascinating stop in our paranormal tour of Prescott’s hotels is the St. Michael Hotel. Its history is rich, originally serving as a bank, an opera house, and a hotel in the heart of downtown Prescott. These varied roles seem to have attracted a mix of spiritual inhabitants, making the St. Michael Hotel a hub for spectral stories and ghostly encounters.

A prominent figure is a man in a period suit and hat seen often in the hotel’s restaurant and lobby. Some believe he is a former bank manager or a wealthy client who has chosen to linger in his favorite establishment. Reports of phantom piano music and dancing shadows suggest the spirits of the old opera house may still be performing.

Personal encounters and spectral evidence

Guests and staff at the St. Michael Hotel have shared numerous stories of unexplained events. Some have reported seeing spectral figures in the hallways and feeling an uncanny presence in certain rooms. Particularly in room 305, where guests have often experienced a feeling of being watched.

There have also been accounts of items moving on their own and electronic devices behaving erratically, a phenomenon often associated with paranormal activity. These stories, shared by believers and skeptics alike, lend an eerie and enticing allure to the St. Michael Hotel.

Our tour through the haunted hotels of Prescott continues in the next sections, exploring more about these fascinating haunts and their impact on the city.

The Historic Significance of St. Michael Hotel

The St. Michael Hotel has been a vital part of Prescott’s history since its construction in 1901. Nestled in the heart of downtown, it has witnessed many of the city’s significant events, contributing to its vibrant cultural and historical narrative.

With its Victorian-era architecture and period decor, the hotel retains much of its original charm. Each room, corridor, and banquet hall has stories to tell, providing guests with a unique chance to connect with the city’s past. From being a bank to an opera house, and now a hotel, St. Michael has continually served as a gathering place, contributing to its unique, spectral charm.

The Impact of Haunted Hotels on Prescott’s Tourism

Haunted hotels have significantly influenced Prescott’s tourism, adding a captivating layer of intrigue and mystery to the city’s rich historical tapestry. The spectral stories associated with hotels like the Vendome, Hassayampa Inn, and St. Michael Hotel have attracted visitors from all walks of life—curious tourists, paranormal enthusiasts, and serious ghost hunters.

These establishments serve as highlights of several guided ghost tours, enhancing Prescott’s allure as a paranormal destination. With events like Ghost Talk and Jerome Ghost Walk gaining popularity, the impact of these haunted hotels on Prescott’s tourism continues to grow, intertwining the city’s past and present in a uniquely spectral way.

The allure of the paranormal in attracting visitors

Prescott’s haunted hotels have had a substantial impact on the city’s tourism industry. The paranormal has always held a certain allure for many, and the rich tapestry of ghost stories associated with these establishments has proven to be a significant draw.

From curious amateur ghost hunters to serious paranormal investigators, these hotels have become destinations in their own right. Visitors come from far and wide to experience a night in these historic buildings, hoping to encounter the spectral residents that are said to inhabit them.

Guided ghost tours and events

Capitalizing on this fascination, several companies in Prescott, such as A Haunting Experience Tours, offer guided ghost tours of the city, often featuring these haunted hotels. These tours provide visitors with an entertaining and informative way to explore Prescott’s history and its haunted lore.

In addition to the tours, events such as the annual Ghost Talk event and the Jerome Ghost Walk have further cemented the city’s reputation as a paranormal destination, contributing to a boost in local tourism and a heightened interest in the city’s history.

A Guide for Prospective Paranormal Explorers

Embracing the role of a paranormal explorer is an exciting journey into the unknown. It’s important to approach this venture with curiosity, respect, and an open mind. Equip yourself with tools such as notebooks, cameras, and EMF detectors, but remember, the most compelling encounters often come from personal experiences.

When visiting places like the haunted hotels of Prescott, remember these are not just spectral sites but also historic establishments with rich narratives. Your exploration should be as much about appreciating history as it is about seeking the paranormal. Approach with respect and you may find your exploration is not just thrilling but also deeply enriching.

Tips for staying in haunted hotels

Venturing into the world of the paranormal can be an exhilarating experience. However, when planning to stay at a haunted hotel, it’s important to approach it with an open mind. Some guests report experiencing activity, while others have quiet stays.

Remember to respect the hotel and its history. This includes following any rules or guidelines provided by the hotel staff. After all, these locations are not just sites of paranormal interest, but also historic buildings with a significant cultural heritage.

Tools of the trade

If you’re looking to actively seek out a paranormal encounter, there are some tools you might consider. This can range from simple things such as a notebook to record any unusual experiences or feelings to more specialized equipment like electromagnetic field (EMF) detectors, infrared cameras, and digital voice recorders.

However, remember that not all encounters can be quantified by devices. Often, personal experiences and observations are the most compelling.

Above all, respect is key when investigating the paranormal. These spirits, if they exist, were once people with their own stories. Showing respect and understanding can go a long way in this unique and exciting journey into the unknown.

Ghost Hunting in Prescott’s Haunted Hotels

Prescott, Arizona, with its rich tapestry of history and hauntings, offers a unique destination for ghost hunting. Its historic hotels like the Vendome, the Hassayampa Inn, and the St. Michael Hotel are legendary among paranormal enthusiasts.

Embarking on a ghost-hunting adventure in these establishments not only lets you explore the spectral stories tied to each room and hallway but also offers a glimpse into the city’s captivating past. With the right equipment, an open mind, and a respectful approach, ghost hunting in Prescott’s haunted hotels can be an unforgettable journey into the unknown

Tips for Visiting Haunted Hotels in Prescott

When planning a visit to the haunted hotels in Prescott, it’s essential to approach with respect for both the living and spectral inhabitants of these historic buildings. Ensure to familiarize yourself with the stories and histories of these hotels to enhance your experience. Book your stay in advance, particularly during the peak ghost-hunting season around Halloween.

Remember to keep an open mind—paranormal experiences can vary greatly from person to person. And finally, whether you encounter a ghost or not, take time to appreciate the historic charm and architectural beauty of these hotels. Your visit to Prescott’s haunted hotels promises to be a memorable experience, steeped in history and mystery.

Frequently Asked Questions:

In this section, we will be delving into some of the most common inquiries and curiosities that surround our topic.

What is the most haunted hotel in Prescott, AZ?

While all haunted hotels in Prescott have their share of spectral stories, the Hotel Vendome is often cited as the most haunted due to the frequency and consistency of reported paranormal encounters, particularly relating to Abby and her cat, Noble.

Ban anyone visit these haunted hotels?

Yes, these hotels are operating businesses and welcome visitors. Even if you don’t plan on staying overnight, you can often tour the building or visit the hotel’s restaurant or bar.

What should I do if I experience something paranormal?

If you believe you’ve had a paranormal encounter, it’s important to stay calm. You can document your experience and share it with hotel staff. They are often familiar with these occurrences and can provide insight.

Are there guided tours available?

Yes, several companies in Prescott offer guided ghost tours, which often include these haunted hotels. A guided tour can provide valuable historical context and intriguing details about the reported hauntings.


Steeped in history and shrouded in mystery, the haunted hotels of Prescott, Arizona, offer an engaging journey into the city’s past and its spectral present. From the tragic love story of Faith at the Hassayampa Inn to the lingering spirit of Abby and her beloved cat at Hotel Vendome, these ghostly tales add a unique dimension to Prescott’s cultural fabric.

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, a history buff, or a paranormal enthusiast, a visit to these establishments guarantees a memorable experience. As you walk the hallways and explore the rooms, you might just find that these tales from beyond the grave feel very much alive.

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