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Ah, the Prescott Frontier Days! A time-honored tradition that beautifully blends the rich history of the old West with the modern joys of celebration.

While the rodeo events and parades are often the main attractions, the heart (or rather, the stomach) of many attendees gravitates towards another delightful feature: the food.


Best food vendors at Prescott Frontier Days have long been a topic of interest for both locals and tourists. They offer a unique opportunity to taste the rich culinary diversity of the frontier, providing a gastronomic journey that’s as exciting as any rodeo event.

Traditional Favorites

When we think of the old frontier, images of cowboys around a campfire often come to mind. The food that resonates with this image is hearty, rustic, and filled with flavor.

And at Prescott Frontier Days, you’re in for a treat with vendors that have mastered these traditional tastes.

Old West BBQ

There’s something deeply satisfying about biting into a piece of smoked meat, especially when it’s been prepared with love and tradition. Old West BBQ” offers just that. From their mouth-watering ribs to their tender brisket, every bite promises a burst of flavors that are both nostalgic and novel.

According to BBQ aficionados, the key to a great BBQ lies in the slow-cooking method, allowing the meat to absorb the flavors over time. And the team at “Old West BBQ” has got this down to a science. They also offer an array of sauces, each with its unique touch, making the experience all the more tantalizing.

Pioneer Pies

Remember the tales of grandmas baking fresh pies in their kitchens? “Pioneer Pies” brings those stories to life. From classic apple pies to the more adventurous berry combinations, there’s a slice for everyone here.

As noted by renowned chefs, a great pie isn’t just about the filling; the crust plays an equally significant role. Flaky, buttery, and just the right amount of crispness, the pies at this stall promise all of that and more. Don’t forget to pair your slice with their homemade whipped cream – it’s truly the cherry on top!

Bison Burger Bites

Bison meat, known for its leaner profile and rich taste, has been a part of the American diet for centuries. At “Bison Burger Bites”, they celebrate this tradition by serving some of the best bison burgers you’ll ever taste.

Bison is also a healthier alternative to regular beef, being lower in fat and higher in essential nutrients. So, not only are you getting a delicious meal at this stall, but you’re also opting for something that’s good for your body. Accompanied by their range of hand-cut fries and signature dips, it’s a meal to remember.

International Delights

While Prescott Frontier Days is rooted deeply in the traditions and flavors of the American frontier, it doesn’t shy away from offering a global culinary experience.

Nestled among the stalls are gems that serve up international delights, transporting attendees on a global gastronomic journey. From the spicy allure of Mexican tacos to the comforting embrace of Italian pasta and the intricate flavors of Asian stir-fries, the festival is a melting pot of world cuisines.

These stalls offer a delightful juxtaposition of local heritage and global flavors, ensuring that attendees not only relive the tastes of the frontier but also explore the rich tapestry of global culinary arts. It’s a testament to the festival’s commitment to diversity and its celebration of global unity through food.

Tacos Del Vaquero

Mexican cuisine, with its vibrant flavors and colorful presentation, finds a special place in the heart of the frontier. “Tacos Del Vaquero” stands out by offering tacos that are both traditional and innovative.

Utilizing ingredients like succulent pulled pork, fresh guacamole, and tangy salsa, each taco is a mini fiesta in your mouth. Studies suggest that the authenticity of Mexican dishes lies in the spices, and this stall ensures they get it right every time.

Whether you like your tacos spicy, mild, or somewhere in between, there’s something here for you.

Frontier Fusion Sushi

Who would have thought that sushi would find its way to the frontier? “Frontier Fusion Sushi” combines traditional Japanese techniques with ingredients that are distinctly frontier. The result? Sushi rolls that are familiar yet refreshingly new.

Using fresh fish sourced from sustainable suppliers, coupled with locally sourced veggies and frontier meats, they’ve created a menu that’s both diverse and delightful. And if you’re a sushi enthusiast, you’ll appreciate the skill with which each roll is crafted. As many sushi chefs will tell you, it’s an art form, and this stall is certainly up to the mark.

Indian Curry Wagon

The rich and aromatic world of Indian cuisine finds a beautiful representation in the “Indian Curry Wagon”. From creamy butter chicken to spicy lamb curries, the flavors are as diverse as India itself.

What sets this vendor apart is their commitment to authenticity. Indian cuisine is characterized by its intricate use of spices, and getting the balance right is crucial.

Whether you’re trying Indian food for the first time or have always been a fan, this stall promises a culinary journey that’s both flavorful and heartwarming.

Sweet Treats & Desserts

No celebration at Prescott Frontier Days is complete without indulging in the sweeter side of life. The festival pays a delightful tribute to desserts, with stalls dedicated to satisfying the sweetest of cravings.

From traditional frontier pies brimming with seasonal fruits to innovative desserts that present a contemporary twist on classics, there’s a sugary delight waiting to enchant every visitor.

The aromatic allure of freshly baked pastries, the rich decadence of handcrafted chocolates, and the timeless appeal of creamy ice creams together create a dessert landscape that’s as varied as it is irresistible.

This dedication to sweet endings ensures that every meal at the festival concludes on a note of sheer indulgence.

Gold Rush Gelato

Ice cream’s sophisticated cousin, gelato, has taken the world by storm. Gold Rush Gelato” brings this creamy delight to the frontier, offering both traditional and unique flavors.

  • Vanilla Bean Bourbon: A classic flavor with a frontier twist
  • Cactus Berry Sorbet: Light, fruity, and utterly refreshing
  • Pecan Pie Delight: A nod to the traditional desserts of the west

Reports show that gelato, being denser, offers a more intense flavor than regular ice cream. This stall ensures that every scoop is churned to perfection, providing a dessert experience that’s both rich and satisfying.

Cactus Candy Stand

If you’re looking for something sweet, chewy, and uniquely frontier, then the “Cactus Candy Stand” is your go-to. Using the prickly pear cactus fruit, they create candies that are both sweet and slightly tangy.

The process of making these candies is fascinating. Historical records suggest that indigenous tribes have been consuming prickly pear in various forms for centuries. This stall continues that tradition, ensuring that every piece of candy is crafted with care and love.

Cowboy Cookies & Cakes

Baked goods have always been a comfort food for many. “Cowboy Cookies & Cakes” takes this comfort to the next level by infusing their treats with flavors that resonate with the frontier spirit.

From cookies that are chunky and filled with nuts and berries, to cakes that are moist and layered with frontier-inspired creams, there’s a baked treat here for every sweet tooth. Renowned bakers often emphasize the importance of using quality ingredients, and this stall is no exception.

Their commitment to sourcing the best, coupled with tried-and-true baking techniques, ensures every bite is a delightful experience.

Refreshing Beverages

Amidst the culinary tapestry of Prescott Frontier Days, the allure of refreshing beverages stands strong. Recognizing the need for a perfect drink to complement the array of dishes, the festival boasts stalls dedicated solely to quenching thirst in the most delightful ways.

From revitalizing old frontier-inspired brews to modern, ice-cold smoothies and artisanal sodas, there’s a drink for every palate.

Whether you’re looking to reminisce with a sip of traditional root beer or seeking a vibrant, fruit-infused concoction, the beverage options at the festival promise a refreshing escape. It’s this meticulous attention to the entire culinary experience, from plate to glass, that elevates the festival’s gastronomic journey.

Saloon Smoothies

Taking a modern twist on the frontier theme, “Saloon Smoothies” offers a variety of fresh fruit blends that transport you straight to a tropical paradise. Their signature “Wild West Whirl” combines berries, bananas, and a hint of coconut, making it a crowd favorite.

Smoothies have gained popularity over the years, not just for their delicious taste but also for their health benefits. Nutritionists recommend them as an excellent way to get a dose of vitamins and minerals. So, while you’re reveling in the festivities, you can also give your body a nutritious boost with these delightful concoctions.

Desert Oasis Lemonades

Nothing says summer quite like a chilled glass of lemonade. Desert Oasis Lemonades” takes this classic drink and adds a frontier twist. From “Cactus Cooler Lemonade” infused with prickly pear to the spicy “Chili Lime Refresher”, there’s a flavor to intrigue everyone.

Lemonades, with their zesty taste and hydrating properties, have always been a popular choice during warm months. As culinary experts suggest, the key to a great lemonade lies in the balance of sweetness and tartness, and this stall has mastered that art to perfection.

Brews of the West

For those who enjoy a cold beer on a warm day, “Brews of the West” offers a selection of local craft beers and ales. Each brew tells a story of the land, with ingredients sourced from the region and flavors that echo the spirit of the frontier.

Craft beers have seen a surge in popularity due to their unique flavors and the craftsmanship involved in brewing them. Beer connoisseurs often emphasize the depth and complexity of these brews, making them a beverage of choice for many. Whether you’re a fan of hoppy IPAs or smooth stouts, there’s a brew here that’ll tickle your fancy.

Vegan & Vegetarian Options

Prescott Frontier Days is more than just a homage to history; it’s a forward-looking celebration that embraces the diverse culinary choices of today.

With a plethora of vegan and vegetarian stalls, the festival ensures that those who opt for plant-based diets are not left behind in the gastronomic fiesta. These stalls serve up mouth-watering dishes that hero vegetables, grains, and vegan proteins, proving that plant-based doesn’t mean flavor-deficient.

From hearty vegan burgers to delicate vegetarian pastries, the options are not only abundant but also rich in taste and creativity. It’s this nod to modern dietary preferences amidst a historically-themed event that truly showcases the festival’s inclusiveness and adaptability.

Green Cactus Grill

Plant-based eating has taken the world by storm, and “Green Cactus Grill” is all about celebrating this trend. From hearty veggie burgers to grilled vegetable skewers, every dish promises flavor without compromise.

As nutritionists highlight, a plant-based diet offers numerous health benefits. This stall ensures that while you’re treating your palate, you’re also nourishing your body. Their “Frontier Veggie Wraps”, filled with fresh veggies and tangy sauces, is a must-try!

Frontier Falafels

Middle-Eastern cuisine, with its rich flavors and hearty ingredients, finds a beautiful representation in “Frontier Falafels”. These deep-fried chickpea balls, paired with tangy tahini sauce, are a delight for both vegetarians and meat lovers.

Falafels, being both delicious and protein-rich, have become a popular snack worldwide. Global culinary experts often regard them as a perfect blend of nutrition and taste. This stall’s commitment to authenticity ensures every bite is as close to the traditional recipe as possible.

Sunset Salads

“Sunset Salads” offers a range of fresh salads, showcasing the best of Arizona’s produce. With ingredients sourced locally and dressings prepared in-house, each salad is a burst of freshness and flavor.

Salads have evolved from mere side dishes to full-fledged meals. As food bloggers often note, the variety and possibilities with salads are endless. Whether you prefer a classic Caesar or a more adventurous quinoa and beetroot combo, there’s a bowl here waiting to be devoured.

Healthy & Gluten-Free Eats

In the heart of Prescott Frontier Days, amidst the aroma of traditional delights, is a commendable focus on health and inclusivity.

Catering to the ever-growing health-conscious and gluten-sensitive audience, several stalls stand as a testament to the festival’s commitment to diverse palates and dietary needs.

From vibrant, nutrient-packed salads to delectable gluten-free treats that don’t compromise on taste, these stalls ensure that everyone, irrespective of their dietary choices or restrictions, can relish the festival’s offerings.

It’s this dedication to health and inclusivity that adds a contemporary touch to the historic spirit of the event, making it truly holistic and welcoming for all attendees.

Clean Eats Chuckwagon

At “Clean Eats Chuckwagon”, the focus is on dishes that cater to those with dietary restrictions. From gluten-free pancakes to dairy-free smoothies, there’s a delectable option for everyone.

Studies have shown that gluten-free diets can benefit individuals with specific health conditions. This stall ensures that even if you’re on such a diet, you won’t miss out on the fun and flavors of the festival.

Frontier Fruit Stand

A favorite among health enthusiasts, “Frontier Fruit Stand” offers fresh fruits and juices sourced locally. Their “Frontier Fruit Bowl”, filled with seasonal fruits and drizzled with honey, is both refreshing and nourishing.

Fruits, with their myriad health benefits, have always been a staple in diets worldwide. As health experts suggest, regular consumption can boost immunity and overall health. So, as you indulge in the festivities, take a moment to nourish your body at this delightful stall.

Fun & Interactive Stalls

The essence of Prescott Frontier Days isn’t just about savoring delicious foods but also about diving deep into a hands-on experience. The festival’s fun and interactive stalls invite attendees to become a part of the culinary journey.

Whether it’s crafting your unique trail mix blend, participating in on-the-spot cooking lessons inspired by the frontier era, or casting a vote for your favorite dish of the day, these interactive stalls ensure everyone’s engaged and entertained.

This approach not only amplifies the overall festival experience but also fosters a sense of community, where every attendee feels involved, connected, and enriched by shared gastronomic adventures.

Frontier Cooking Classes”

This stall takes the interactive experience up a notch by offering mini-cooking classes. Participants can learn frontier-inspired recipes, from savory stews to delightful desserts, and then relish their creations.

Interactive experiences have always been popular at festivals. Research indicates that engaging activities make events more memorable and enriching. “Frontier Cooking Classes” doesn’t just provide a tasty meal but also leaves attendees with new culinary skills.

Taste & Vote

At “Taste & Vote”, attendees can sample various dishes and cast their votes for the best food of Prescott Frontier Days. It’s a fun way to be involved and highlight the best culinary talents at the festival.

Engaging attendees in decision-making processes fosters a sense of community. As industry insiders suggest, participatory experiences like this can significantly enhance the overall enjoyment of an event.

Unique & Artisanal Treats

Prescott Frontier Days showcases not just the traditional but also the distinctive. The festival is a haven for lovers of unique and artisanal treats, celebrating craftsmanship in every bite.

From handcrafted fudges with flavors reminiscent of the Wild West to pastries that artfully blend old-world charm with modern taste profiles, attendees are in for a culinary journey like no other.

These stalls represent the heart and soul of artisan creators, ensuring that every delicacy not only satisfies the taste buds but also tells a story. It’s this commitment to uniqueness and quality that makes these treats truly stand out, making them a must-try for every visitor.

Frontier Fudge Factory

Offering a delightful array of handmade fudges, “Frontier Fudge Factory” is heaven for those with a sweet tooth. Their “Prairie Pecan” and “Desert Date Delight” are not to be missed.

Handmade fudges, with their creamy texture and rich flavors, have always held a special place in the hearts of dessert lovers. As culinary artists point out, the art of fudge-making requires precision and passion, both of which are abundant at this stall.

Pioneer Pastries

Specializing in pastries that take inspiration from the frontier era but with a modern twist, “Pioneer Pastries” offers treats like “Gold Rush Eclairs” and “Settler’s Scones”. Each bite transports you back in time, with a hint of contemporary flair.

Pastries, with their flaky textures and diverse fillings, offer an endless realm of possibilities. Bakers worldwide emphasize the importance of using quality ingredients for the best results, a philosophy that “Pioneer Pastries” embraces wholeheartedly.

Wild West Waffles

Who can resist a perfectly golden waffle? “Wild West Waffles” serves these delectable treats with frontier-inspired toppings like “Berry Bounty” and “Prospector’s Peach Preserve”.

Waffles have a rich history and have been enjoyed in various forms across cultures. Culinary historians note that their versatility in pairing with both sweet and savory toppings makes them a favorite worldwide. This stall ensures that tradition meets innovation in every serving.


In this section, we will be delving into some of the most common inquiries and curiosities that surround our topic.

Are there options for individuals with specific allergies at Prescott Frontier Days?

Yes! Many vendors prominently display ingredients and offer dishes catering to various dietary needs. However, it’s always a good idea to inquire directly if you have severe allergies.

Can I buy local produce or goods to take home from the festival?

Absolutely. Several vendors offer packaged goods, from artisanal jams to handmade treats, which you can take home and relish.

Are pets allowed in the food vendor area?

While the festival is pet-friendly, it’s recommended to check with individual vendors, especially those offering interactive experiences, before bringing pets along.


Prescott Frontier Days offers a unique culinary journey, celebrating both the spirit of the frontier era and contemporary tastes. From hearty traditional dishes to innovative beverages, there’s something to delight every palate.

The commitment to inclusivity, with a wide range of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options, ensures that everyone can partake in this gastronomic adventure. Combined with interactive experiences and artisanal treats, the festival promises a memorable culinary experience for all attendees.

So next time you’re considering a gastronomic adventure, remember the best food vendors at Prescott Frontier Days await your exploration.

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