Best bars in Prescott | A Guide to the City’s Best Bars

Nestled in the heart of Arizona, the charming city of Prescott is widely known for its rich history, captivating landscapes, and welcoming community. However, for those who enjoy good company, a well-crafted drink, and a memorable night out, Prescott’s vibrant bar scene is equally worthy of attention.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, a craft beer enthusiast, or a wine connoisseur, the city offers a diverse array of watering holes that cater to every taste.

In this guide, we will explore the best bars in Prescott, shedding light on their unique offerings and the distinct experiences they provide.

From historic saloons on Whiskey Row to modern breweries crafting unique beers, the bars of Prescott truly offers something for everyone. So, let’s raise a glass and dive into the lively bar scene of this charming Arizona city.

Historic Bars in Prescott

Prescott’s rich history comes alive in its many historic bars. The city’s past is imbued in these establishments, which maintain the character and charm of the bygone era.

Step back in time at the Palace Restaurant and Saloon. This bar is the oldest frontier saloon in Arizona and gives you a glimpse of the Old West. Restored to its original grandeur, the Palace serves up a combination of history, spirits, and good food.

The Bird Cage Saloon

Named after one of the most famous saloons in Tombstone, Arizona, the Bird Cage Saloon in Prescott offers patrons an authentic Western experience. This lively bar hosts live local music and boast a massive collection of mining artifacts, making it a feast for both your ears and eyes.

While the historic bars of Prescott transport you to a bygone era, sports bars in the city ensure you never miss a moment of your favorite games.

Sports Bars in Prescott

Sports enthusiasts need not worry when in Prescott. The city is home to numerous sports bars that guarantee an exciting and vibrant atmosphere.

Tailgaters Sports Grill, paired with Il Primo Pizza and Wings, offers an unbeatable combination of sports, food, and drinks. With numerous large screens airing various sports, a broad menu, and a range of beers and cocktails, it’s a sports lover’s paradise. Their menu and other details are available on their website.

Buffalo Wild Wings: Wings and Big Screens

Buffalo Wild Wings is a well-known chain that promises the ultimate sports bar experience. With its numerous big screens, extensive menu, and wide range of beers, it’s a fantastic spot to catch a game in Prescott. Visit their website to check out their latest promotions and events.

Prescott’s bar scene is diverse, and there’s something for everyone. For those who enjoy live music, the city has several music bars to choose from.

Music Bars in Prescott

Prescott, Arizona, is a city with a vibrant and diverse music scene. It is home to several music bars that cater to a variety of tastes, from country and blues to jazz and rock. Bars like the Jersey Lilly Saloon and Lyzzard’s Lounge regularly host live music performances, creating a lively atmosphere for patrons.

Whether you’re a local looking for a regular spot or a tourist wanting to experience the local culture, music bars in Prescott offer an immersive experience, combining great drinks, excellent music, and a chance to mingle with music-loving folks.

Jersey Lilly Saloon is a must-visit for country music fans. This popular watering hole not only hosts live country music performances but also offers some of the best views of downtown Prescott from its outdoor patio. It’s a fantastic place to enjoy a drink, listen to great music, and soak in the views.

Lyzzard’s Lounge

Lyzzard’s Lounge, located in downtown Prescott, offers an excellent lineup of live music ranging from blues to rock. Their selection of locally brewed beer and craft cocktails makes it a perfect spot to unwind. Visit their Facebook page to stay updated on their events and specials.

From music and sports to luxury experiences, Prescott’s bars cater to all tastes. The city’s high-end bars are perfect for those seeking a touch of sophistication.

The Art of Luxury

Prescott is not just about its historic charm and natural beauty; it also caters to those who appreciate “The Art of Luxury.” From upscale bars like the Hassayampa Inn’s Peacock Room, which offers an ambiance of 1920s glamour and jazz, to Rosa’s Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant, known for its fine dining experience and diverse wine list, Prescott has a variety of high-end establishments.

These places blend sophistication with excellent service, providing a luxury experience that goes beyond just the food and drinks. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply treating yourself, the city’s luxury venues offer a unique, indulgent experience.

The Hassayampa Inn’s Peacock Room offers a taste of 1920s glamour. This upscale bar serves artisanal cocktails and hosts jazz nights, making it an ideal spot for a sophisticated night out.

Rosa’s Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant

Rosa’s Pizzeria is a well-known establishment in Prescott. Besides their delicious Italian dishes, they also boast a diverse wine list and an intimate bar setting.

Prescott’s bar scene isn’t just about history, sports, music, or luxury – it’s also about celebrating local flavors and the art of brewing.

Tastes of Prescott

Prescott’s craft breweries and pubs are a testament to the city’s thriving local beer scene.

Granite Mountain Brewing is a woman-owned microbrewery in downtown Prescott. They specialize in creating small-batch, hand-crafted beers.

Prescott Brewing Company is a beloved local brewpub known for its traditional and innovative craft beers. The brewery prides itself on its commitment to the local community and its sustainable practices. bars with great outdoor seating.

Bars with Great Patio Seating

There’s something quite special about enjoying your favorite drink in the open air. In Prescott, several bars offer wonderful outdoor seating options.

Far From Folsom offers patrons a chance to take in the stunning Prescott views from their rooftop bar. Known for its lively atmosphere and Johnny Cash-themed decor, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy a cold beer on a warm afternoon.

Park Plaza Liquor & Deli

Park Plaza Liquor & Deli is not your average bar. As the name suggests, it’s also a liquor store and a deli. This unique combination allows you to enjoy a drink from their extensive collection, dine from their deli, and even grab a bottle to enjoy at home.

As the sun goes down in Prescott, the city’s nightlife comes alive. Let’s explore some bars that offer an exciting after-dark experience.

Late Night Bars in Prescott

If you’re a night owl, Prescott has plenty to offer. Several bars in the city stay open late, providing an excellent night-time experience.

Matt’s Saloon, located in the historic Whiskey Row, is a popular spot for those looking to enjoy the Prescott nightlife. This bar has been serving locals and tourists for over 40 years, offering live music and a dance floor to keep the party going till late.

The Office Restaurant & Bar

The Office Restaurant & Bar offers a modern nightlife experience in downtown Prescott. With its crafted cocktails, live DJ music, and vibrant atmosphere, it’s a go-to spot for a fun night out. Stay updated with their events and specials through their Facebook page.

With so many bars in Prescott, it’s only natural that you may have some questions. Let’s address some of the most frequently asked ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we’ll answer some of the most common questions related to the bar scene in Prescott.

Yes, many bars in Prescott are pet-friendly, especially those with patio seating. However, it’s always a good idea to check the specific bar’s policy ahead of time. For instance, Far From Folsom has a pet-friendly rooftop patio.

The bars in Prescott are committed to ensuring the safety of their patrons. Measures such as social distancing, regular sanitization, and masks are typically implemented. It is recommended to check the specific bar’s website or call them directly for their latest guidelines.


Absolutely! The bars in Prescott cater to all preferences, and most of them offer a variety of non-alcoholic drinks. Places like Park Plaza Liquor & Deli have an extensive drink menu that includes non-alcoholic beverages.Most bars in Prescott offer some form of food along with their drink menus. For example, Tailgaters Sports Grill and Il Primo Pizza and Wings have an expansive food menu. Similarly, Rosa’s Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant offers a full dining experience with a diverse food and wine list.


Operating hours vary from bar to bar. Most bars open in the late morning or early afternoon and close late at night. Places like Matt’s Saloon and The Office Restaurant & Bar are known for their late-night services. However, it’s always best to check the specific bar’s website for the most accurate information.Operating hours vary from bar to bar. Most bars open in the late morning or early afternoon and close late at night. Places like Matt’s Saloon and The Office Restaurant & Bar are known for their late-night services. However, it’s always best to check the specific bar’s website for the most accurate information.


Operating hours vary from bar to bar. Most bars open in the late morning or early afternoon and close late at night. Places like Matt’s Saloon and The Office Restaurant & Bar are known for their late-night services. However, it’s always best to check the specific bar’s website for the most accurate information.From historic saloons to luxury lounges and craft breweries, the bars in Prescott offer a rich and diverse experience. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, the city’s vibrant bar scene is sure to provide an unforgettable experience. Now, all that’s left is to go out and explore!

Conclusion: Best bars in Prescott

As our tour concludes, it’s clear that the charm of Prescott extends far beyond its beautiful landscapes and historical landmarks. The city’s vibrant bar scene mirrors the diverse tastes and preferences of its locals and visitors.

Whether it’s the historical allure of the Palace Restaurant and Saloon, the lively sports atmosphere at Tailgaters Sports Grill and Il Primo Pizza and Wings, the sophistication of Hassayampa Inn’s Peacock Room, or the local flavors of Granite Mountain Brewing and Prescott Brewing Company, there’s a bar in Prescott to suit every mood.

Equally impressive is the variety in terms of entertainment. With venues like the Jersey Lilly Saloon and Lyzzard’s Lounge offering live music, and The Office Restaurant & Bar and Matt’s Saloon lighting up the night with DJ beats, the options are as varied as they are numerous.

The outdoor seating at Far From Folsom and Park Plaza Liquor & Deli provides an opportunity to enjoy Prescott’s beautiful weather alongside a refreshing drink. And for those who prefer to stay out late, the city’s nightlife offers plenty of late-night bars for an exciting after-dark experience.

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