Family-friendly natural landmarks in Prescott area | Exploring Prescott’s Wonders

Prescott is a picturesque city in Arizona, known for its rich history and stunning natural beauty. One of its major attractions lies in the plethora of family-friendly natural landmarks that it offers.


From serene lakes to dense forests and iconic buttes, the Prescott area is a haven for nature-loving families. This article dives into the most captivating landmarks and offers a comprehensive guide to explore them.

Prescott National Forest

Prescott National Forest, spanning vast acres in central Arizona, stands as a testament to nature’s splendor. A mosaic of dense woodlands, rolling hills, and meandering streams, this forest beckons visitors with its promise of tranquility and adventure.

Whether you’re exploring its diverse trails, camping under a canopy of stars, or simply immersing yourself in the symphony of chirping birds and rustling leaves, Prescott National Forest offers an unfiltered embrace with nature’s finest offerings.

Overview and Location

Situated just a short drive from downtown Prescott, this national forest promises a retreat from the urban hustle. Its central location makes it a prime choice for families looking to explore natural wonders without venturing too far from the comforts of the city.

For those who enjoy camping, the forest provides numerous campgrounds and RV spots. These facilities are often set against the backdrop of majestic pines, providing an ideal setting for bonding and creating lasting memories.

Family-friendly Trails and Activities

Prescott National Forest is home to several trails tailored for families. Whether you’re on a short stroll or an extended hike, there’s something for everyone.

  • Groom Creek Loop Trail: An easy, circular trail that offers scenic views and is especially popular in the fall.
  • Spruce Mountain Lookout: A moderate climb leading to an old fire lookout, perfect for older kids and parents alike.

While hiking, families can also engage in birdwatching and even participate in ranger-led programs to learn about the local ecosystem.

Unique Wildlife and Flora to Spot

As you traverse through the forest, keep an eye out for the diverse flora and fauna. Deer, javelinas, and even bobcats call this forest home.

Amidst the pine, juniper, and oak trees, families can discover various plant species, including the rare Alligator Juniper tree. Engage the kids in a fun spotting activity, and who knows, they might even spot a rare bird species or two!

Granite Dells

The Granite Dells, located near Prescott, Arizona, are a breathtaking geological marvel characterized by their unique granite formations. These ancient rounded boulders and towering rock spires paint a dramatic landscape, drawing both outdoor enthusiasts and photographers alike.

With the shimmering waters of Watson Lake at their base, the Dells offer a stunning contrast of rugged rocks against serene blue, creating a natural playground perfect for hiking, kayaking, and simply soaking in the mesmerizing vistas.

A Geological Masterpiece

Dating back over 1.4 billion years, the Dells showcase Prescott’s rich geological history. The rounded granite boulders stacked haphazardly atop each other create a surreal landscape, captivating both young and old.

As families navigate through the Dells, they can marvel at the pink and gray hues of the rocks, evidence of their ancient volcanic origin.

Lakes and Family-friendly Picnic Spots

Watson and Willow Lakes are nestled amidst the Granite Dells, providing families with ample recreational activities. Enjoy a lakeside picnic, with the Dells as your backdrop. The picnic spots are equipped with tables, grills, and even restrooms, ensuring a comfortable experience for all.

After your meal, rent a canoe or kayak and set sail on the serene waters, exploring hidden coves and observing the Dells from a different perspective.

Guided Family Tours and Adventures

For families eager to delve deeper into the Dells’ mysteries, guided tours are a must. Local experts often lead these excursions, sharing tales of the area’s history and pointing out interesting rock formations.

For the more adventurous, rock climbing opportunities abound, with routes suitable for beginners and experienced climbers.

Watson Lake

Often dubbed the “Jewel of Prescott,” Watson Lake offers breathtaking waterfront vistas and a plethora of activities that cater to families.

The shimmering blue waters of Watson Lake stand in stark contrast to the rugged Granite Dells that encircle it. As families wander along the shoreline, they can spot unique rock formations, including some that jut out from the water, providing ideal platforms for daring jumps into the lake.

Kid-friendly Boat Rentals and Fishing Spots

Boating is a popular activity at Watson Lake. Families can rent pedal boats, kayaks, or canoes, ensuring an exciting day on the water. For those interested in fishing, the lake is home to several species, including largemouth bass and channel catfish. Remember to grab a fishing license beforehand!

Watson Lake Park complements the natural beauty of the lake. The park boasts multiple playgrounds, ensuring that kids have plenty of space to run around and play. With picnic areas and gazebos, it’s the perfect spot to relax after a day of exploration.

Goldwater Lake

Nestled amidst towering pine trees, Goldwater Lake provides a serene escape for families looking for both recreation and relaxation.

The moment you step into the vicinity of Goldwater Lake, you’re enveloped by the rich aroma of pine trees. The dense forest canopy provides a refreshing shade, making it ideal for daytime excursions. As you stroll by the lakeside, the reflection of the pines on the clear water creates an almost magical ambiance.

Family Picnic Areas and Amenities

The lake’s surroundings are dotted with well-maintained picnic areas, perfect for a family day out. These spots come equipped with tables, grills, and sometimes even playgrounds. Families can relish a delightful meal with the gentle ripples of the lake and the chirping of birds as their background score.

For those eager to venture onto the water, Goldwater Lake offers kayaking and paddle-boarding opportunities. Even if you’re a beginner, local rental shops provide all the necessary equipment and guidance to ensure a fun, safe experience for the entire family.

Lynx Lake

Lynx Lake, nestled within the dense forests of Prescott, Arizona, emerges as a shimmering oasis for nature enthusiasts. This serene body of water, surrounded by lush greenery and punctuated by the soft calls of local birds, provides a picturesque setting away from the city’s hustle.

Whether you’re keen on a leisurely walk along its gentle trails, birdwatching, or capturing the perfect nature photograph, Lynx Lake promises a rejuvenating escape for all who visit.

Gentle Hiking Trails Suitable for Kids

Surrounding the lake are numerous trails that are gentle on young legs. Families can embark on leisurely walks, with frequent benches and resting spots along the way. These paths often lead to secluded spots by the lake, where kids can skim stones or simply enjoy the view.

For those with a keen eye, Lynx Lake is a paradise. Home to various bird species, families can engage in birdwatching. Furthermore, the beautiful setting is a dream for budding photographers in the family.

Thumb Butte

Rising majestically above Prescott, Thumb Butte is an iconic landmark offering panoramic views of the city and beyond.

Thumb Butte’s distinct silhouette is recognizable from various points in Prescott. Its stature and the unique thumb-like projection make it a must-visit for families in the area.

The trail leading to the summit is both engaging and safe. Informational signboards along the path offer snippets of history and geology, making the hike both fun and educational for kids.

Reaching the summit is rewarding. Families are treated to sweeping views of Prescott and the vast expanses of surrounding forests. It’s the perfect spot to capture a family photo with nature’s grandeur as your backdrop.

Peavine Trail

The Peavine Trail offers families a blend of history, nature, and recreation as it traces an old railway route.

The trail gets its name from the old Santa Fe, Prescott, and Phoenix Railway. As families traverse this path, remnants of the historic rail line, like old ties and bridges, are evident.

Accessible Sections for Strollers and Young Hikers

One of Peavine’s highlights is its accessibility. Certain sections are flat and well-maintained, making them perfect for strollers or young hikers. Benches along the way provide resting spots, ensuring everyone can enjoy the journey at their own pace.

Family-friendly natural landmarks in Prescott area

The trail is dotted with informational signboards, detailing the area’s history, flora, and fauna. These markers provide interactive learning opportunities for kids and adults alike.

Frequently Asked Questions: Family-friendly natural landmarks in Prescott area

Which landmarks have restroom facilities?

Most of the major landmarks, including Prescott National Forest, Granite Dells, and Watson Lake, have well-maintained restroom facilities.

Are pets allowed in these natural landmarks?

Yes, most landmarks in Prescott allow pets. However, it’s essential to keep them on a leash and clean up after them. Always check the specific rules for each location beforehand.

Are there guided tours available for families?

Absolutely! Many of Prescott’s natural landmarks offer guided tours. The Granite Dells and Highlands Center for Natural History are particularly popular for their informative and engaging tours.


The Prescott area is truly a treasure trove of family-friendly natural landmarks. Its diverse landscapes, from the ancient Granite Dells to the serene waters of its many lakes, provide endless opportunities for adventure and learning.

Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, the captivating beauty of Prescott’s landmarks promises unforgettable memories with your loved ones. Dive in, explore, and let nature’s wonders enthrall your family.

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