A New Chapter Begins: Welcome to Prescott Voice—The Talk of the Town

Welcome to Prescott Voice–The Talk of the Town!

Come on in! I’m so happy you are here. I have created this blog for you.

It’s a new year, a new season, and no time like the present. I’m going for it and want you to be a part of it.

Prescott is a destination city. People make a special effort to visit us here, and that’s important for business owners. We depend on visitors for revenue. They help our city thrive.

Prescott is the destination for romance. Countless marriages take place annually at our beautiful courthouse square.

When newcomers and visitors walk the historic downtown area, they can’t help but be charmed by the warmth and friendly faces they meet.

In my business dealings, I frequently talk to people telling me their dream is to live here one day. I am so grateful to live in a place people dream about, aren’t you?  

Prescott truly is a magical place.

Purpose of this Blog

I want to create this blog as a hub for all things Prescott. This blog will serve our community in countless ways.

Many of you run small businesses with little to no advertising budget but desire to get your name out there. We want to let people know who you are and why you have made Prescott your place to do business. Prescott Voice can help with that.

In my research when creating this blog, I quickly confirmed what I already knew. There are only a few websites that attempt to highlight the Prescott lifestyle, and those are primarily pay-pay-to-play print publications.

Prescott Voice plans to offer grassroots, in-depth articles, and resources to enrich your lives. Articles that have value and aren’t just advertising fluff. We want to tell stories about the people who live here, what they do, and what they love about this great city.

We might throw in a blog or two about other cities in Yavapai County. Prescott Valley is our closest neighbor. Sedona, Camp Verde, Dewey, Jerome, and Chino Valley are other cities under the Yavapai County canopy. In some way, shape, or form, we are all connected. Yavapai County is our home. But Prescott is where my heart is, and this is where we will concentrate our effort.

We could write countless articles about annual events in Prescott and the surrounding area. From wineries (more than 40) to the Whiskey Off-Road Mountain biking competition.

The Prescott Frontier Days Rodeo brings thousands to our corner of paradise every year.

Prescott always has something going on to engage residents and visitors, making it a vibrant and fun place to live and visit. But how do you find all that Prescott has to offer?

I have missed some extraordinary events simply because I didn’t know about them–a problem that we look forward to solving. Several websites do a decent job listing events, including the Chamber of Commerce. We want to do more, much more.

I want to improve on this.

What’s My Experience?

So, what qualifies me to create this blog?

I’m a boomer. I have life experience—the battle scars, the hard knocks, sweet success, and yes, failures, too.

I have been an entrepreneur and business owner for much of my adult life. I have owned and operated several successful businesses, authored a children’s book, and have written articles for various publications. Early in my career, I worked as a senior litigation paralegal and gained valuable experience in the legal arena.

Today, I am an Arizona licensed real estate agent and Airbnb business owner. I also volunteer as a co-chair for the Prescott Frontier Days Rodeo Parade. The Rodeo is an integral part of Prescott’s history.

A few of my friends from Prescott Frontier Days Rodeo (PFD). Left to right, PFD President Ron Owsley, Kelly Owlsey, Theresa Franks, PFD Vice President, Logan Franks, PFD General Manager, Jim Dewey Brown, and his wife, Jody Martinelli. ©2023PrescottVoice

I have a solid foundation in business and writing to make this blog a success. It takes time and effort to build a following. It will take enormous hard work, and I’m up for it.

The more quality content this blog produces, the more it will serve the Prescott community. Please come alongside and help grow this site by sharing it with others you know.

What Will We Blog About?

The sky is the limit here. We will see where it goes. Our audience will drive a lot of what we write and showcase here. We would love for you to engage with us and help us shape Prescott Voice into something everyone can use to enhance their lives. And, of course, make friends and cultivate relationships along the way. It’s a journey, after all. 

Here are a few of the subjects we plan to highlight:


I am a foodie. I love to test new restaurants and frequent the ones I like best. Visitors and Prescott residents always look for the “best” places to eat.

We are all painfully aware of the economic conditions today. Yet, brave entrepreneurs still step out in faith and open restaurants. I say thank you! What would we do with you? We need to support our local Prescott eateries as much as possible. They are the lifeblood of this town.  

But some restaurants fail, like the recent closure of the newly opened The Black Goat. They had several starts and stops before permanently shutting their doors.  

I was also sad to see the recent closure of the Prescott Brewery, a Prescott favorite since 1994. My husband loved the Montezuma Chicken (not exactly the healthiest thing on the menu, but oh so good.)

Does anyone have an idea of what the top-rated restaurants in Prescott are? Is there a place we can go that will tell us? Sure, we can search Yelp, Google, and Trip Advisor for individual reviews on various restaurants, but rarely is anything written about the establishment, the restaurant owner, the people that work there, or the variety of food they serve.

Wouldn’t it be great to see a complete list and description of all the excellent places in Prescott to share a meal and hang out with friends and family? We think so.

My favorite Prescott restaurants are always top of mind, but there are many more to be explored and showcased. The idea is to build a reliable restaurant resource for locals and visitors and learn about the people behind the business. A resource like this will go a long way to helping the community and local business owners prosper.

We are counting on you to share your favorite restaurants with us. We want your input.

Food & Recipes

Do we have any food enthusiasts in Prescott? You bet we do. I’m one of them. In addition to restaurants, we will blog about food in general and post some yummy recipes, too.

The Prescott Farmers Market is a great place to visit all year long.  

Antiques & Collectibles

My favorite thing to do when I’m not writing is to frequent all the Prescott antique shops. It’s more fun with a couple of girlfriends. After a heavy day of antique shopping, we pop over to The Raven Cafe for a glass of wine and sweet potato fries (honestly, it’s our thing) as a reward for our hard work.

There are fewer antique stores than there were 25 years ago. A sign of the times? Maybe. I heard recently that the younger generation has no use for old, dusty stuff and that minimalists are taking over the world. But I say that what is old always becomes new again. 

One of my latest acquisitions. An 1801 hand-painted armoire. Isn’t she a beauty?©2023PrescottVoice

I recall the days before eBay and the rise of the Internet (yup, I’m dating myself) when you had to visit a shop or an antique show to acquire old treasures. Those days are long gone.

Thankfully, Prescott has a lively and active antique market. I know most of the antique business owners here. They are hard-working people, and they are passionate about their collections. They will tell you that they love what they do.

Prescott Voice will be visiting with some of these local antique business owners in the future. We think you’ll like hearing from them. I’m passionate about antiques and collectibles. You can expect several articles on this topic.

Interiors & Décor

My friend Julie Child is an interior design wiz. Her business is JC Color and Design. She also specializes in interior and exterior paint color.

Julie is a pro when helping clients choose the best color for a renovation, a brand-new home, or a business. She recently consulted me on a facelift for the Airbnb I operate—a 1906 Victorian home.

Let me tell you, choosing exterior paint colors for a large historic home is a hair-pulling, nail-biting task. It isn’t easy. Not if you want to get it right and not have your neighbors whisper about your horrible color choice.

Julie went to work, and I had three color schemes in short order. It took me a week to choose which one I thought would look best. It turned out beautifully!

prescott-story book-home-jule-child
Julie Child’s Storybook Home in Prescott. She calls it, “The Cottage.”

You will get to know Julie in upcoming blog posts. We became friends when she purchased a Story Book home here in Prescott. Julie is in the process of renovating it now. You’ll get a peek at the fantastic job she has done in one of the upcoming articles on Prescott Voice. You are going to appreciate her energy and expertise.

In 2017 my husband and I purchased a 1928 home in historic downtown Prescott. It needed a bit of love. Did I say a bit? It ended up being a complete gut and renovation. It wasn’t our initial plan when we purchased the home. All it took was removing a piece of ugly knotty pine paneling. And from there, you guessed it. It snowballed like an avalanche on Mount Everest. But that’s how we roll.  

One thing led to the next, and before we knew it, we were whacking away at walls and pulling down every possible type of plaster dating from 1928 to 1958, a horrible job. We pulled up 2400 sq ft of wood flooring (not fun). We removed electrical wiring, plumbing, and the grossest insulation you ever saw; everything had to go. At the end of it all, we ended up with a brand new, historic home.

We had a ball renovating our adorable 1928 bungalow. Staying true to the home’s history and searching for the perfect antique fixtures and furniture was a joy (ok, truth be told, the front end of the project was not so much). It only took us three long years, but it was worth it.

Again, something worth doing is challenging. You’ll learn more about this adventure in a future blog post. Yup! I plan to write about it. And I have a video or two. Get ready with the popcorn!

Fashion & Style

Though everyone thinks of Prescott as a western town, there is plenty of fashion here, from western to contemporary. I have a couple of gal friends that are experts in this area. It will be fun to get them roped into a great blog post, maybe even with a bit of video. Let’s see what we can develop in the fashion and style department.

We have a new jeweler that acquired Raskins Jewelers. Meet the Calisto family. How cool is that? We’ll have to stop in and welcome them.

Left to right, Theresa Franks, Kelly Owsley, and Bridget Suess. ©2023PrescottVoice


There is always something going on at the courthouse plaza. You can expect blog posts and videos associated with events happening there throughout the year.

With Whiskey Row and the World’s Oldest Rodeo, there is no shortage of entertainment. The Summer Concert series is popular with locals and visitors. Bring your lawn chairs and a bite to eat and settle in to enjoy the music.

The Phippen Art Museum puts on a show at the courthouse plaza every year, and numerous art and collectible shows are popular events.

The Elks Theatre Performing Arts Center is a delightful place to go and spend some time watching a show or a movie.

At Christmas time, there is the courthouse lighting which is a favorite. And let’s not forget the New Year’s Boot drop—one heck of a New Year’s Eve party!

Halloween on S. Mt. Vernon, 2022. ©2023PrescottVoice

Halloween is also one of the most significant events of the year in Prescott. Streets are closed, and little goblins crawl the sidewalks trick-or-treating. Houses in the historic district go all out on decoration. A spectacle if you’ve never seen it.

Health & Wellness

This category is a big one for me. You can’t put a price on your health. Where are the best places in Prescott to improve your health and wellness? And what can you do at home to get healthy? We will let you know. We plan to provide suggestions and tips on how to stay fit.

Part of wellness is also taking care of the things of life, like estate planning. Professional services like this will be something that we will address in depth with a certified estate planner.

Travel & Leisure

You can keep busy all year long in Prescott. We will blog on this subject frequently. For example, this year, I will host the Whiskey Off-Road producers at my Airbnb in April. I am honored to have them stay with us. It will be an exciting time in Prescott as all kinds of events are planned for the Whiskey Off-Road event.

“Gem” is adorable in her Cinco de Mayo costume. ©2023PrescottVoice

Prescott is also the most dog-friendly city you will ever find. People from all over bring their dogs to the courthouse square to walk their dogs. It’s truly a sight to see.

Bride & Groom at Prescott Courthouse. ©2023PrescottVoice

Weddings are big here in Prescott. Look for blog posts and photographs I have taken of several couples who were married at the Courthouse Plaza. The brides are just beautiful. We have hosted several wedding parties at our Airbnb.

Prescott History

While most residents of Prescott are familiar with its history in general, there is much more to learn. We hope to bring you a few historical blog posts that might surprise you.

The Airbnb we operate was once home to the Hatz family. In 1864, Daniel Hatz, along with pioneers Samuel Blair and John Raible, constructed the first pine-log Governor’s Mansion, located at Sharlot Hall Museum.

Moving Forward

Whew! You are troopers if you have reached this far. Thanks for sticking with me and reading my vision for Prescott Voice. It is something that I have been thinking about for some time now.

I don’t have a big team working for me. But I have great support from friends and business associates eager to help spread the word.

Some of you may see me at the door of your business to get the scoop about what it is you do. So, keep an eye out.

We expect to communicate with many of you in the future. In the meantime, please feel free to contribute your thoughts and ideas.

I’ll see you around town.

About the author

Hi, I'm Teri Franks, the voice behind Prescott Voice. I've spent years immersing myself in all that Prescott has to offer, and I love sharing the unique stories and experiences I've discovered. When I'm not writing, you'll find me exploring Prescott's trails or tasting our local cuisine. I believe that the vibrant lifestyle here in Prescott inspires us to live a healthier, happier life. Come join me on this exciting journey as we explore Prescott together.

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